2 thoughts on “Add an Active Directory attribute to SharePoint User Properties

  1. Great information included in this post. Could you also show how to turn these AD properties into searchable data when doing a people search in SharePoint 2013?

    We have a field called Strengths for each employee using ExtensionAttribute2 and each one has 5 strengths separated by an * .

    We would like to search on individual strengths. For example the Field contains the following values that I can see on the users profile page in SharePoint, Responsibility * Context * Activator * Woo * Analytical

    If I want to search on Woo how do I accomplish this? Presently I can search on other values like phone number, department, first name, last name but not on words in extensionattribute2.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Luis Guzman says:

    I want to use the departmentNumber but it does show on the attribute list to select it. Do I have to do something in AD so the attribute shows on the list?

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