SharePoint Services Stuck in Starting

This post is about an issue that I had to face today. If you have more than one server in your SharePoint Farm you also might have face the same.

In my case the issue was when I try to start a service on Newly Joined server to the Farm (WFE02) it stuck in Starting State.

Tried using restarting IIS, restart server, run farm configuration wizard, disconnect and reconnect server to the farm still no luck. And thought of using SharePoint Management Shell using Start-SPServiceInstance – Identity <GUID of Service> still its the same. (user Get-SPServiceInstance to get the list of GUID of the service) It says β€œThe service is already started in WFE01” but I was trying to start it in WFE02.

The root cause is both servers are in different time zone. When I set both into same zone whooaa it worked πŸ˜€

Hope this will be useful πŸ™‚