Remove Server from Service Bus Farm

Hi Guys,

This one of the issue that I experienced when Removing the Workflow manager from one farm and joining another farm. This requirement popped out as we crated the development farm by cloning the servers in Production Farm. I renamed the servers accordingly. As the Workflow Manager and Service Bus manager were already configured I had to remove the server from both farms (Workflow Manager and Service Bus)

Good news is I was able to remove from Workflow Farm using Workflow Configuration manager. But even I tried removing from Service Bus Farm using UI its still there. So that I moved to PowerShell Open-mouthed smile to get this done. This is not the only issue that I had to face. Others will be addressed in Related post bottom of this post.

  • Open Service Bus PowerShell as Administrator


Warning Message shows as this is the new cloned SP server. What was in the SB Farm was the old server name. No problem this will remove current server from SB Farm. Use Get-SBFarm command to verify.


  • To make sure I restarted the server and ran Workflow Configuration Manager. Now its possible both WF manager and SB to connect to an existing farm Smile


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