Download SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 1 (aka November 2016 CU)

Microsoft has released it’s first major update for SharePoint 2016 On premises products. As previously announced by Microsoft the size of the update is pretty smaller that previous SharePoint CUs. It is only 350MB in size.


Feature Pack 1 includes fixes and interesting new features based on customer feedback, extending support for hybrid scenarios and developer needs.

  • Administrative actions logging for common SharePoint administrative Actions in Central Administration and with Windows PowerShell.
  • MinRole enhancements to support small and medium-sized farms.
  • A OneDrive for Business modern experience.
  • Custom tiles in the SharePoint app launcher.
  • SharePoint hybrid auditing unified across site collections on-premises and in Office 365.
  • Hybrid taxonomy unified across on-premises and Office 365.
  • OneDrive API for SharePoint on-premises.

The KB articles for Feature Pack 1 aka November 2016 CU are available at the following location:

  • KB 3127940 – Update for SharePoint Server 2016 November 2016 (language independent)
  • KB 3127942 – Update for SharePoint Server 2016 November 2016 (language dependent fixes)

The download for November 2016 CU is available through the following link:


SharePoint 2016 November 2016 CU Build Numbers:

Language Independent fix: 16.0.4456.1002
Language Dependent fix: 16.0.4456.1002

To understand the different version numbers please have a look at my article which explains the different SharePoint build numbers.

You can use the SharePoint Server 2016 Patch Build Numbers Powershell Module to identify the patch level of all SharePoint components.


Additional Resources

Official Feature Pack release blog post from Bill Baer

Announcing Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2016—cloud-born and future-proof by Bill Baer

SharePoint 2016 feature pack 1 announcement technet blog post by Stefan Goßner

SharePoint Server 2016 Patch Build Numbers Powershell Module


Happy SharePointing!!!

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